Kinetic Typography: Ideation

Edinboro University
Project 1: Progress Work
Motion Design

Audio Selections:

Be As Water My Friend — Bruce Lee

This 30-ish second clip from an AMC interview interested me by how the story and the way Bruce Lee emphasized every word as he means it and it has been used as a sample for many remixed songs that I have listened to. I feel like I could implement color and shapes of water to express the different words typographically and give them personality and relation. The personality or mood of this clip I think is represented as calm, relaxing, and meditative. Frontally he tells you to lose your “Self” or “Empty your mind”, which then enacts on you losing your self Ego clearing your thought and letting you act “Formless, Shapeless”. With him talking about emptying your mind I was imagining a full and chaotic space filled with type and interruptions that then is broken up by the words “Empty your mind” clearing the space and letting the rest of the words and text clearly come in view and space.

These Are Dark Times — Harry Potter

This 40-second clip from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1, is one of the opening scenes it is dark and ominous, but secure and withholding. The audio clip feels strong and bright but in a dark time and place, perfectly describing the scene and time on which this movie is being placed in. I would want to use some type of strong weight a bold/heavy condensed font describing the strong but pressured time they are in.

The Time Turner — Harry Potter

This clip is one of my longest, stacking at around 50 seconds but with the long pauses and actions of the characters, I don’t think it will be very time taking in the end to create. This audio clip interested me and stood out from the rest because of the background noises the ticks, tocks, and chimes relating back to words and text that Dumbledore is speaking about. I think I could have a lot of fun exploring the different ways of implementing those background noises suddenly to the motion design while having the main speech in the front, creating depth in the audio and visually.

Progress Work: Thumbnails, Ideation, Typeface Exploration, Moodboard

Thumbnails & Ideation

Be As Water My Friend — Bruce Lee
For this design approach, I focused more on using illustrations or images that are interacting with the text to give it a more personalized meaning, while also deeply defining the words in themselves. For example, you can see how the first slide is already telling a story by having a foggy or full conscious, that then is cleared with my words “Empty your mind”.

These Are Dark Times — Harry Potter
In these rough thumbnails, I really drew a blank mostly because the character speaking didn’t change his tone as much. It was very monotonous and serious which gives it character already, very bold and one-sided (black and white). In my execution for this motion design, I think I will use a lot of black and white contrast while blending bold and light weights to describe the seriousness.

The Time Turner — Harry Potter
In my process of ideation, I did not wanna overdue my ability and took it simple. I limited my illustrations and animations that a simulated to describe the words. I mostly focused more on visually describing the actions of the characters than anything else. For example, in the audio clip, Dumbledore is walking out and closing the door and then buts in to say one last thing. I was either gonna relay that by showing the doors closing in the slide (third from the last slide) or having the words fading out then abruptly coming back in with full bright opacity.

Moodboard & Type Exploration
I combined all three into one mood board but I think still successfully described what I was trying to put down.

Audio Transcript: “Be As Water My Friend”

This is what it is okay?
I said empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water.
Now you put water into a cup. It becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.
Now water can flow or it can crash, be water my friend.

Style Frames:


Motion Test:

Exercise 1:

15 Seconds:

Exercise 2:

30 Seconds:

Final Motion Design



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